Entering local markets is a challenge
Technology companies seeking to expand their business to the Central European markets face the challenge of setting up sales and marcom operations in the region. As time to market is critical, there have traditionally been two alternatives: setting up operations from scratch, or acquiring resources through mergers and acquisitions. Both methods are time consuming and may not bring the expected results. Profinet Services offers a truly viable third option to this – a comprehensive range of outsourced sales, marketing, communications and operational services, which enable and guarantee a fast time to market.

Speed up the market entry
The objective of Profinet Services is to act as a business accelerator for its clients, provide a local presence and ensure a smooth handover process of created business operations once the physical presence of the client has been established. Profinet Services bundles sales, marketing and communications services to a powerful package. Combined with the immediate local presence in the desired markets, clients can actively capture market share and develop business opportunities from the very first day.

We usually work within a rolling 12 month project basis. In 12 to 18 months, depending on the maturity of the market, the client should have gained a strong foothold in the market with signed partners and customers, a revenue stream, brand awareness and a physical presence of its own.