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Mikael Klug,
Executive Director & Founder

The members of the company are professionals with vast experience in their respective fields:

Mikael Klug, former Director EMEA Marketing and Communications at More Magic Software MMS GmbH, is well connected in the telecommunication industry and has an excellent track record in bringing IT and telecommunication companies to the German speaking market. He can look back onto a successful career in the IT-industry, including assignments at BMW Germany (electronic development), Markt & Technik (press) and Finland Trade Center where he acted as marketing consultant in several projects for finnish IT and telecom companies. Among his clients were finnish technology heavyweights like Nokia, Sonera (Telecom Finland), HTD (Helsinki Telecom Deutschland), Ericsson Finland, Tellabs, Tecnomen, Comptel as well as small and middle sized companies like Akumiitti, IOBox, Satama Interactive, Necsom and More Magic Software. Mikael Klug holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (M.Sc.)

Vesa Jormakka, Senior Advisory Member, has been heading Argo Global Capital´s operations in Europe since 2000. Prior to joining Argo Global Capital, Mr. Jormakka was a Partner and one of the founding members of Mustang Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Siemens AG Information & Communication Group now part of Siemens Venture Capital. During that time Mustang Ventures grew to have a portfolio of investments worth in excess of US $2 billion focusing on mobile, broadband and access networking technologies in North America, Europe and Israel. Prior to 1998, Mr. Jormakka was in charge of the global M&A and partnering activities of the Networking Systems business unit for Siemens AG in Munich. From 1988 to 1997, he held various engineering, sales and general management positions for Siemens in Germany, the UK and Finland in the data networking, defence electronics and mobile communications divisions. Mr. Jormakka's experience also includes responsibilities relating to the implementation and introduction of the first GSM network in Europe giving him a broad technical and operational background in wireless technologies. Mr. Jormakka's investments with Argo include companies such as Cambridge Positioning Systems, 12snap, Empower Interactive, Volubill, I-play and SurfKitchen to name a few. Mr. Jormakka holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. Today he is building a new fund targeting to invest in telecom and new media companies in the near future.