1. Preparation        2. Action Plan        3. Implementation        4. Handover

Supporting sales through marcom
Profinet Services provides a comprehensive business development package. Our main objective is to develop sales. To achieve this, we support sales development through essential marcom services. The starter package is divided into the four phases Preparation, Business Action Plan, Implementation and Handover.
During this phase the objective is to identify, understand and evaluate the status of means and resources the client has at his disposal. That includes targeting and positioning as well as communication-, sales- and distribution-tools to satisfy the needs in the chosen target segments.
Business Action Plan
The next step is to define a Business Action Plan (BAP) for sales, marketing and communications. The BAP will function as a guideline and will, among other criteria, include the targets and objectives, sales, marketing and communications strategies and activities to be conducted on the target market.
At this stage, a Profinet Services team, including a sales manager, starts to address the items that have been jointly defined in the Business Action Plan. The overall goal is to generate qualified new business and sales revenue for our client in an accelerated time frame. Continuous marketing and communications activities create awareness and support all sales actions.
In the handover phase, Profinet Services provides its client with services needed to create its own physical presence in the local market. These services may include office space, staffing, infrastructure and a smooth handover of active accounts and contacts to our clients sales managers.