Sales Services

You have conquered your local market. Now you should expand your operations to seize the window of opportunity on other main markets. But international expansion is another story. To become a leader in your field, you can not rely on remote sales only, no matter how mobile your current sales force is. You need a local presence with experienced personnel that speaks the local language and understands the local way of doing business.

You can take the hard way and start a recruiting campaign. Or you can turn to Profinet Services and get sales and sales support services for the IT and telecommunications industry from one place. Our experienced sales managers have created an efficient methodology for conducting sales and have long standing contacts to key decision makers in your target market. Marketing and technology experts evaluate your product or service and find the right angle to make it an attractive offer. All for a reasonable compensation and without the burden of high staff and location cost.

Outsourcing your market entry takes the pressure off you and enables you to focus on other areas of your business. Start being successful in foreign markets from day one - through Profinet Services.

Profinet sales and sales support Services

  • Phases: Preparation, Business Action Plan, Implementation and Handover
    (see  Methodology)
  • Sales and sales support resources

Profinet lead generation Services

  • Generating qualified sales leads in selected target segments
  • Screening, evaluation, selection and contacting of qualified top sales leads